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Brilliant Admin Solutions will guide you through all of the registrations required, from registering your business, setting up systems and processes, right through to registering with the ATO.

Our startup solutions.

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Starting a new business isn't straightforward today, there are many systems and processes to put in place that will benefit your business from startup and throughout the growth period of your new business.

There are also legal obligations that have to be met regarding company registration, business activity statements and taxation to name but a few.

As a new business startup you are probably aware of many of the necessary steps to become compliant and set the stage to grow a profitable business in Canberra.

However, we have found that many new businesses that come to us have little knowledge, understanding or experience in regards to the business start up process in full, and that's where Brilliant Admin Solutions comes in.

Brilliant Admin Solutions will guide you through all of the registrations required, from registering your business, setting up systems and processes, right through to registering with the ATO.

Starting your own small business? Get all the start up business benefits and support.

When using our new business startup services you will know in advance exactly what is expected of your business, what needs to be submitted to local government and the ATO and how you can use the new business support that is available that will save you both time and money.

Think of it this way: a good business startup service will find the help available for your business, it will show you how to reduce your business costs and taxation in the early years of growth, and will set systems up for you with a blueprint of how to both work on your business and grow your business at the same time.

Small Business Support Services.

Brilliant Admin Solutions are experts at startup business management, our staff will negate the need to employ your own office staff to grow your business, we do everything including help and guidance with your business plan, and because we do this for many clients every day we are experts in business startups and business growth.

We are your back office team and we are a fraction of the cost of employing your own staff directly, saving your new business time and money whilst making the business appear professional, efficient and well organised.

We take care of all of the admin systems for you, we deal with the ATO for you and we usually save business start ups more money than they pay us, simply because we take care of planning and implementation of systems and we plan out the business growth processes.

When Do I Need Smart Startup Consulting Services?

The ideal time to engage our business start up support services would be in the planning stage, but many businesses come to us having traded for a year and found themselves so busy working that systems and administration have become a real pain and in turn a neglected part of the business.

TheseĀ  businesses find that they are late with business activity statements, invoicing, chasing payments that negatively impact on cash-flow, in reality the business is trading well but behind the scenes the systems are a real mess.
Our experienced business startup team will work directly with you to identify the most critical next steps whilst taking control of systemisation, cash-flow, invoicing and compliance, you will immediately feel better about your business because we will instantly take that pressure away.

It doesn't matter how bad your systems and administration appear to be, trust me we will have seen worse, and we will sort it out for you fast, dealing with the ATO on your behalf and taking your invoicing and the most important factor Cash Flow to the next level, bringing organisation to chaos and we do this fast.

Why Do I Need Startup Business Services When Starting A New Business?

Our experienced team can guide you through the start up process, freeing you up to focus on your long-term business vision and goals. You will be able to rely on Brilliant Admin Solutions to help you navigate areas of responsibility such as:
Business Strategy and Planning.

We will help you to analyse statistics, and strategy. We will partner you with our new business setup team who will guide you through statutory obligations setting your business up properly and strategically guide you through cost management and savings using any government assistance available.

Setting Your Business Up Properly Registering and Fulfilling Legal Obligations.

New businesses need to form a legal structure for their business, we will advise on options such as sole proprietor, LTD PTY and other variants of company liabilities that are available that may be more suited to your business, we will also help you to set up systems such as accounting systems, invoicing and banking.

New Business Structure and Development.
New businesses have to navigate multiple items simultaneous, our services will help you to address the critical steps in the start up stage. This will ensure that all steps are taken in a logical order to help ensure that your start up is a success, allowing the venture to grow into a great business, a business that that you can be proud of.

If you are starting a new business, it really does pay to consult with an expert. Our start up services will guide you andĀ  give the right advice in the critical early stages to help you to avoid any costly mistakes.

Benefits of using our business start up services.

A good start up service will save you time and money on starting your business through many different ways, such as:
Australian Government and ACT Grants and Assistance for new business, this includes grants, training and even a venture capital program that have been put in place to help business launches just like yours. (note some of these apply to certain businesses only, but we can find them for you and guide you through the processes)

Our experienced team will help you to understand tasks that your business needs to take, we take the pain out of this for your by implementing many of these on your behalf.

You can rely on our professional team to help manage every critical step in the early stages and focus on the early steps that need to be implemented.

We will set out a business action plan that breaks down into manageable sections, the tasks and responsibilities that every new business needs to put in place.

In short we take the strain by removing confusion and bringing organisation to what can be a chaotic period for you, giving all of the help support and advice that you need to make your business a success from the start.

You will be able to make clear business decisions, remember we help businesses start up in Canberra and The ACT regularly, we provide admin services for many businesses, and we take care of over 100 businesses bookkeeping and business activity statements.

This means that you will benefit from our years of experience with other similar businesses to yours, and don't you think that perhaps some of the other businesses that we help could benefit from using your services? If your business is the right fit we can introduce you, and from here we have seen great collaborations grow.

Here is how we can help your new business not just in the early stages but as the business grows too!
We help to put in place systems that will give the face of your business a highly professional appearance, and in so doing we help you stand out from your competition, showing you how to be consistent with the presentation and delivery of your products and or services.

We help you to gain a solid presence in your market by helping you achieve high levels of response, service and communication to your clients.

We can advise on marketing strategies and services showing you how to get a foot hold in your market quickly. In so doing we can help you understand your market and more importantly understand your ideal customer.

We can research your competition and find ways to help you be competitive in your field, again helping you establish your business presence quickly. We believe that price is not the only factor here, price plus service plus a unique point of differential equals success.

We can help you with any local government regulations, government regulations and best practices applicable to your business sector.

We help you with employment laws, we can help with employing staff, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.
Sure selection, qualifications, suitability and reliability are all important, but as important are employment law and compliance with employee payment, taxation, holiday pay, sickness and the list goes on.

We can give hands on help here to ensure that your business complies with all employment law.

We can research and advise on health and safety regulations and help you implement them.

As expert bookkeepers we can manage your books for you, and manage and enhance your cashflow.

We give you a clear understanding of your profit and loss sheets, your balance sheets and much more regarding the finance available to and within your business.

We can even be your businesses office, answering client enquiries, accounts and invoicing, just think of Brilliant Admin Solutions as your complete office and admin solution, seriously we can do most everything for you at a fraction of the cost of employing your own admin team.