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Many not for profit organisations realise that running a successful community group, charity or foundation can be challenging, let's face it running a not for profit is very much like running a business.

Your focus needs to be on attracting sponsors, supporters and donations, not on the increasing responsibilities of and requirements of administration and bookkeeping, not for profits still have to produce accounts, pay permanent staff, deal with The ATO and other regulatory bodies that are required in Canberra and throughout Australia.

Accounting & Reporting Can Be A NFP's Weakest Link.

Sponsors and people in general need to know how much you have raised and how the funds are going to be spent, but in addition to all those responsibilities there are the ever changing regulations such as the disability insurance scheme, accountability, transparency and of course risk management.

It seems that today in our ever growing social media world everyone has an opinion, and they want that opinion heard, this puts pressure on any non profit to be transparent in everything that they do, and you need to be able to show this quickly and accurately.

Not Just Bookkeepers & Not For Profit Accounts BAS Offers More.

At Brilliant Admin Solutions we are more than just bookkeepers and administration service providers, we are highly experienced in NFP's and we are committed to supporting this worthwhile sector, we can help your organisation in so many ways.

We understand the issues that every NFP faces and we understand how to best deal with everything that will be an issue to your organisation. We totally understand the benefits that non profits bring to our community, and we fully support non profits in any way that we can.

Whether you're not for profit organisation is large or small, you can rest assured that Brilliant Admin Solutions totally understands the sometimes complex budgeting and reporting duties of non profits, we are experienced in this sector and we know what to expect and how best to deal with it.

We will be meticulous in helping your organisation to process in an efficient manner your accounting processes and systems, and we will help you to present your  present your organisation and all of its financial data in a way that will help you to secure the funding that you need to grow your NFP.

Specialist Bookkeeping Accounting and Admin Services For Not For Profit Organisations.

We have a specific set of packages that ideally meet the needs of NFP's starting at basic bookkeeping and accounting right up to a fully outsourced back office, leaving you to do what you do best, running and growing your NFP and raising more funds for good causes, after all that's why you started your NFP in the first place isn't it?

Why not contact Kerrie at Brilliant Admin for a free consultation, we know that we will make you smile when you see exactly how we can help you, just like we help other not for profit organisations with their administration and bookkeeping.